Friday, 3 November 2017

Multifactor Authentication on the Blockchain

We were looking into securing our applications and with the recent hacks everywhere, we thought it might be time to look into utilizing our Blockchain framework as an identity authentication tool.

So I went and wrote a small white paper to describe what I'm talking about. You can download and read about it HERE.

You can test out our dual factor authentication on the Blockchain by registering on our Kryptosys Demo Framework. Instructions are on the main page and it should be easy to understand. You will need to download our demo Android authenticator app in order to secure your login. We're still developing this solution so its a bit slow, its a bit loopy and its not so fancy... yet. It will be but we're still working on it.

A graphical representation of what we did is something like below:

We are currently building a Javascript based API layer so that this implementation can be used by essentially any application that requires a login verification via the internet. It will work as a third party authentication layer... minus the third party. Its decentralization at work!

Go ahead give it a try and if you need a similar implementation in your apps, follow this blog I'll definitely announce it when its ready for public use.

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